This page provides links to raw hazard datasets collected by ICA. This is suitable for technical staff who wish to download raw GIS data for use in their own software and systems. If you only wish to visualise data on a map, this is not for you, go to the dataglobe section and request access.

  • Raw hazard data is collected by ICA on behalf of industry and is stored in a access controlled cloud drive.
  • Raw data is typically available as an ESRI Geodatabase or in the original spatial formats provided by the owners of the data. 
  • To access each access controlled drive you must be approved by ICA.
  • You will be prompted to request access to the raw data folder (below) if you are not already approved. 
  • Raw data provided by ICA includes licensed products and collected GIS data in 'as supplied' condition:
    • To access the latest version of the NFID, FEZ, iLEAD and Australian Flood Extent Collection click here
    • To access the ICA's collection of raw geospatial datasets visit click here