Hazard Maps

Several map resources are available to ICA members using exposure data collected from various sources. All available hazard data has been integrated into a dataset that gives indicative ratings for potential hazards at an individual address level. This dataset is called the ICA Low-resolution Exposure Address Dataset (iLEAD).

  • iLEAD is an internal dataset used by the ICA for research and analysis on insurance affordability and mitigation priorities, as well as identifying and closing hazard data gaps with targeted local and state governments. 
  • iLEAD is suitable only for general community education, policy development and broad scale analysis of community exposures.
  • iLEAD data can be visualised via online web applications (below) and downloaded by approved (licensed) stakeholders. 

Simplified Map. The ICA's DataGlobe service is available to insurance industry stakeholders who need to brief non-insurance stakeholders on the potential hazards that may exist in a given location. The data has been simplified to facilitate understanding, and is not to be preferred over dedicated and commercial underwriting data. The map provides an extract from iLEAD with hazard descriptions for floods, bushfires, storms and cyclones. The map also provides existing flood extent boundaries across Australia (where data is available), as well as cyclone paths and bushfire prone land mapping. Terms and conditions must be accepted to use this map.

If you are from an ICA member company, email the Administration team for links to the ICA's Data Globe Service.