Setting up an account to access the DataGlobe is simple, but is only available to approved stakeholders.

If you are interested in gaining access, provide your details via the form on this page.

All applications are assessed on a case-by-case basis and access will be granted subject to the nature of your intended use, the status of your ICA membership and the status of relevant licenses required to be held to gain access to different hazard layers in the DataGlobe.

To be approved to access the ICA DataGlobe you must have read and accepted the Terms and Conditions for Use and the ICA's Privacy Policy. Once you are approved you will receive a UserID and Password.

Using the DataGlobe - the best way to access visualisations on the ICA DataGlobe is by accessing the material through a modern web-browser (chrome works the best) or by installing free ESRI applications on your Mac, IOS device or Android Device

Link to Web-Browser Version

Once you have installed an application or opened a web browser for the dataglobe, simply enter the UserID and Password provided by the ICA to gain access to the map resources you have been approved for.


  • Hazard data is complex and can take time to display. Zoom in to your area of interest before selecting hazard layers to get a faster response. 
  • When you have found maps that you may use again, add them to your favourites to make future navigation easier.
  • Do you have your own ArcGIS Online Account? Notify the ICA who will be able to provide automatic access to ICA data directly into your own GIS environment.


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Mobile preferred.
Please provide a google enabled email address - Only required if you also wish to access raw data from the ICA DataGlobe, by mirroring relevant rawdata folders in you own local environment, via the google drive application.
Please include me on emails and the working group developing smartphone and tablet versions of the ICA DataGlobe
Terms & Conditions *
I have read and accepted the ICA Terms and Conditions for use of the DataGlobe.