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Download now for iPhone and iPads - The My­Haz­ards ap­pli­ca­tion has been developed for policyholders by the Insurance Council of Australia. Subject to accepting terms of use, it pro­vides users with a sum­ma­ry of the po­ten­tial risks fac­ing any ad­dress.

This in­for­ma­tion can dif­fer from the high res­o­lu­tion in­for­ma­tion used by in­sur­ers and is a guide only, intended to encourage the user to make more informed decisions about disaster preparation, maintaining and repairing their building, insurance choices, and where necessary to seek out more ac­cu­rate in­for­ma­tion from the gov­ern­ment au­thor­i­ty re­spon­si­ble for haz­ard man­age­ment in their area.

The application summarises the best available data used by the insurance industry, which has been collected from relevant governments.

It is important to note that in some instances the industry may not have received the latest information from a local or state government. For example, in South Australia there is very little data on natural hazards that is available to insurers. Insurers underwriting in South Australia typically need to make assumptions on hazards or use alternative sources to predict the probability and severity of impacts.

In all other states and territories information has been made available to the industry, to ensure that there is positive alignment between how governments see the hazards and how insurers consider the probability and severity of potential claims. Critically, this alignment means that insurers can incorporate reductions in the exposure where a government has taken steps to do risk mitigation for the community.

Hazard data is constantly being improved and users of the application are encouraged to make contact with the ICA (details in the app) to highlight any discrepancies or where better information may be available.

MyHazards is currently available for iOS devices only, an android version is in development. Download MyHazards Here.

How to use - After installing the application, simply tap in the address you are interested in, wait for the general location to resolve and then refine your choice by using your finger to tap on the precise property of interest. There are more than 11 million land parcels in the dataset, the search can take some time, especially during peak periods, so be patient. Once the data has been located a pop-up will display the hazard summary for that location. Tap on the top of the pop-up to expand it and read more detail.

The Hazards - The application currently summarises five hazards for each land parcel, Storm, Stormtide, Cyclone, Flood and Bushfire. Earthquake and Hail are in development.